Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tis the Season!

Before I begin this new post I just have to say I am so pumped that I learned a new software besides plain ol' paint to use to draw!! I do believe it looks SO much better.

 Okay, it doesn't look THAT much better but it is way easier and more fun to use which means I can expand ideas and junk.

"It's a good thing."

So as I had said before, I am such a coward. The sad thing is I always seem to forget this when Halloween comes around. It's pretty bad. This was even more apparent when three years ago my friend and I got a brilliant idea to go to Kings Island for their haunted evenings. It's called Fear Fest or Haunted something something. Whatever.  It was going to be full of haunted mazes and scary people running around trying to scare the poo out of stupid people that decided to go. The whole time we were trying to plan all of this I completely forgot that I am extremely afraid of... everything.

So I ignored all of this and we went into the night.

It did, in fact, scare the friggin' poo out of me.

The whole night went downhill from the very moment we stepped out of the car and witnessed a chick peeing in the bushes. This is not something I am usually afraid of, but public urination should freak everyone out at least just a little bit.What made it even more of a terrible site I will never forget is that she WATCHED us WATCH her!

If you don't find this in the least bit frightening I sincerely hope we never meet.

I think there must have been a sale on big ass fog machines because you couldn't even see pass the end of your nose once you passed through the gates.

I couldn't help but feel like this is what it would look like inside if we went on a tour of Bob Marley's house. Get it? Moving on. This is where most of the problems happened because SOO much can go wrong when you have no idea what you're looking at. This is how we found out they paid actors to run around in freaky costumes hoping to scare the idiotic people who showed up thinking this was a good way to spend their night . Apparently I was a prime target. My friend, who handles these kinda things like a boss, sadly, was dragged into it seeing how I was cowering behind her at all times. For about 30 minutes, I kid you not, of walking around the front just trying to figure out if we were still in the theme park, we kept getting followed by what I figured could only be a KISS demon.

This dude was strange. I would have normally laughed at him and went about my merry way, but something about those tacky pointed ears and 3 foot plateform shoes in the fog light made me want to jump into my friends arms and be carried off to a magical place where nothing was spooky and try to get me to wet myself.

After my friend managed to get me away from all haunted maze part of the theme park we decided it would be best if we just stuck to something I always love, roller coasters! I thought at least I could enjoy this part of the night. I was wrong. Due to all the fog it seriously took about and hour and a half to even find where the roller coaster we wanted was. And to keep up with the scary atmosphere they turned off the lights to the rides making all of them seem like twister balls of steel crafted by the Devil himself. When we got to our favorite ride I could not believe my eyes...
I know it looks like I spelled out "nub" but trust me, it was crazy intense looking.

I did put on my big girl panties though and went on it. It wasn't as horrible as it looked that was for sure, but what did get me was when my phone fell out of my pocket. I could actual feel it happen. I knew it was going down. It was the worst feeling in my life.

Felt a whole lot like this. WILSON!  

After that I was done and thankfully so was my friend. We admitted defeat that the evening was a complete waste and just went home. We spent the rest of our night destroying all the popcorn we found in her house. All in all? Good night. :)